Le Saint Julien @ Home

About Us

The name of Le Saint Julien means memory of taste to some of the gourmet lovers. Particularly those who loves “Lobster Bisque” it could be probably one of the best bisques in town!

“Le Saint Julien at Home” is a concept of one stop shop dining from cocktails, buffets, offices and residence a events at your premises!  Award winning Chef Sir, Julien Bompard and his better half, Madam Edith Lai serving up classical French cuisine and providing warm personal service to embrace one of the refine memorable dining concepts at your designated venue.


Dining Options

Private Dining

Personal service is our priority. Each menu is custom-made to guests’ preferences from 4 to 5 course sit down luncheons to dinners. Signature dishes from Le Saint Julien are to be featured such as Lobster bisque, Beef Tartare, Roasted Stuffed Quail with Mushroom and Whole Suckling Pig.


A delight way to showcase culinary specialty of Le Saint Julien, array of cocktail canapes, cold cuts, salads to live stations of main feasts and desserts are to be featured to all sophisticated corporates and residences entertainment. Let us bring you and your guests to another level of culinary experiences.

Gourmet Shop

For Party and Event

  • Foie Gras Mousse with Port Wine Jelly

  • Parma ham with butter toast

  • Roast duck in crepe

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For The Cheese Enthusiast

  • Super Creamy - Brie De Meaux - AOC

  • Buchette Chevre Frais - with herbs

  • Camembert - AOC Hand Ladled

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Cook at home

  • Platter of charcuterie with pickles 1kg

  • Platter of charcuterie with pickles 400gm

  • Burgundy Beef Stew (red wine sauce)

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