The name of Le Saint Julien means memory of taste to some of the gourmet lovers. Particularly those who loves “Lobster Bisque” it could be probably one of the best bisques in town!

“Le Saint Julien at Home” is a concept of one stop shop dining from cocktails, buffets, office and residence events at your premises!  Award winning Chef Sir, Julien Bompard and his better half, Madam Edith Lai serving up classical French cuisine and providing warm personal service to embrace one of the refine memorable dining concepts at your designated venue.


About Chef. Julien

From private dining to central gourmet production kitchen, Chef Julien Bompard has made a huge step to ensure he can enjoy an illustrious career.

Both La Fromagerie and Le Saint Julien, Classical French Dining closed 2011 and 2013 sequently; but no regrets per the renowned Chef.  “The profession of Food & Beverages remains, just the weather has changed” says Chef Julien. The gourmet central production kitchen is a business solution for nowadays Food & Beverages establishments”…Chef Julien proudly presents his latest professional moves.

About Edith

The better half of Chef Sir, Julien Bompard. Being the renowned Chef’s wife, Edith is no stranger to the hospitality industrial.

In 2003, Edith assisted Chef, Sir Julien in setting up their flagship restaurant, Le Saint Julien. Recognition for her talents arrived in 2005 when she was awarded Best Restaurant Manager of the Year by Singapore’s annual gastronomic extravaganza, World Gourmet Summit.

In the year of 2011, Edith titled Dame Chevalier by Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne for her devotion, knowledge and passion toward the product of Champagne; and she is one of the fewest ladies has such honored.