From private dining to central gourmet production kitchen, Chef Julien Bompard has made a huge step to ensure he can enjoy an illustrious career.

Both La Fromagerie and Le Saint Julien, Classical French Dining closed 2011 and 2013 sequently; but no regrets per the renowned Chef.  “The profession of Food & Beverages remains, just the weather has changed” says Chef Julien. The gourmet central production kitchen is a business solution for nowadays Food & Beverages establishments”…Chef Julien proudly presents his latest professional moves.

Chef Julien carries the title of “Sir”, he was appointed as a knight of the order of agricultural merit by Minister Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fishing on 29 January 2010. Besides this title, Chef Julien also awarded “Mentor Chef” by Workforce Development Association of Singapore in 2011; his growing hat of accolades and honorable achievement mark a timely milestone in Chef Julien’s quarter of a century’s work in promoting French cuisine.

Aside Chef Julien’s core business in the Central Food Production to provide ready to consume products to hotels, restaurants, bars and cinemas, the restless “Sir” also helped to run the project of management consultancy of Scotts 27 in September 2013 to 2016.  It was a concept based on private dining with private rooms only, located at 27 Scotts Road. This private restaurant features butler service and gueridon “table style” service. By far, one of the rare gem could have been found in the city.

Accolades of Chef, Sir Julien Bompard

  • Awarded of  WSQ “Most Supportive Mentor Culinary Chef 2011 by WDA, Singapore Workforce Development Agency
  • Knighted of the order of Agricultural Merit by Minister Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fishing by The French Republic on 2010
  • Recipient of Mentor Chef Award 2009 At-Sunrice Globalchef Academy Singapore
  • Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2007 Best French Cook Book by Chef Julien Bompard – Singapore
  • Chef Julien Bompard featured in Marquis Who’s Who Asia 2007 & America 2008
  • Global Chef of the Year 2006 at-Sunrice, The Culinary Academy & Spice Garden Singapore
  • Chef Julien was conferred the title of “Confrerie des Chevaliers de l’Olivier de Nyons, France 2006”
  • Awarded “World’s Best Chef 1999 & 2000” by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences