If you are gourmet diners and food lovers, some of you may have heard of Le Saint Julien. The classical French dining during the era of 2003 to 2013. This fine dining was runned by the couple Chef, Sir Julien Bompard and wife, Edith Lai; both are well recognised by the Food and Beverage industry in Singapore.

The restaurant had numerous local awards from Best New Restaurant of the Year 2014, Restaurant Manager of the Year 2015 by Singapore World Gourmet Summit and Chef, Sir Julien Bompard, awarded as Mentor Chef by Workforce Development Association, Singapore and knighted by French Government as “Sir” in the year of 2010 and 2011. No doubt, it was an achievement for a local borne entrepreneurship in the early years.

The restaurant ceased operation after 10 years in 2013, the couple immediately expanded their central food production (food factory) in the same year, offers one stop shop solution of ready to go cuisine to hotels, restaurant, bars, supermarkets and cinemas. For more details, please view websitewww.cuisineservice.com.sg

Taking a sabbatical year, Chef Julien and Edith also offer home and office catering from time to time, till the consultancy project of Scotts 27, The Heritage Dining came into the period of time from September 2013. The project completed in the year of September 2016, the verandah house which offered unique private dining room experiences with gueridon style (table side services) for all dine-in guests. The house has not returned to the client’s ownership.

Chef, Sir Julien and Edith are both borne with the gift of hospitable. Le Saint Julien once again begins the journey of brings “Le Saint Julien at Home” at to the residences or offices.